ASMAT delay/echo

The Asmat are an ethnic group residing in the Papua province of IndonesiaAsmat people have one of the most well-known woodcarving arts traditions in the Pacific and their art is sought by collectors worldwide


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ASMAT echo/delay is a digital delay pedal with range 0-1100 ms (approx.)

It has 3 control knobs, the biggest knob controls DELAY time, REPEAT knobs controls the number of repeat and it also affect the output level, set it to max and you’ll get endless repeat, the third knob is BLEND, it control the mix between wet-dry sound, at center position you’ll get a balanced sound between original sound and the echo tail

This delay pedal has 3 modes; first (toggle up position) is the ANALOG SOUND delay with warm darker echo sound, second (center position) is Digital delay with more CLEANER tone, and the third (toggle down position)  is the REVERSE delay

ASMAT delay can store 1 preset by pressing the footswitch for about 2 seconds (GREEN led blinking), to restore the preset is by pressing the footswitch 2 times (RED led)

This pedal requires 9V DC negative center power adapter and cannot be operated using battery

Features & Technical specifications:

– True bypass
– DSP 32 bit floating point, sampling 44.1kHz – 24bit
– Input impedance 470 K Ohms
– Output impedance 100 Ohms
– Working current 100 mA


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