BARONG overdrive

Barong is a mythological lion-like creature and character in Bali, He is the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good

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BARONG is a medium gain overdrive pedal, remembrance of classic blues overdrive tones from American classic amps, iIMG_0427t has crisp high mids, nice trebles & tube amp-like tone

To understand how the BARONG operates, let’s begin with its knobs, first the GAIN knob (biggest knob). As you turn up the Gain, it’s like turning the volume knob on a tube amps, the more you turn it up, the dirtier it gets, zero position and you’ll get no sound. Next, the LEVEL knob which acts like a master volume, it controls the amount of output volume, I would suggest you to balance between bypass (clean) and effect activated, then you can set other control knob as you desire. Third knob is the CONTOUR, this knob acts like what some would call a presence knob known on many vintage amps and the last knob is the TONE control, where it will adjust the darkness or brightness of the overall tone.

BARONG overdrive requires standard 9V DC negative center and cannot be operated using battery

Technical specifications:

– Full analog circuitry utilizing high-grade audio op-amp
– Input impedance 500 K Ohms
– Output impedance 100 Ohms
– Working current 100 mA (max)


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