Valve Creamer


A blend of mild & warm tone of the Blues Creamer overdrive with the great harmonics & dynamics of a tube overdrive.


– TRUE BYPASS so it wont suck out your great guitar tone when it’s off

– SIMPLE & INTUITIVE layout, with only 3 big size control knobs

– MK or a high quality Metal Boxed Capacitor for better clarity & less noise

– Selected 12AX7 (ECC83) vacuum tube

– Brighter led indicator & bright led underneath the 12ax7 tube

– 1% tolerance resistor on signal path

– Socketed Op-amp (two hi-fi audio chips Texas Instrument RC4558P & Burr Brown OPA2134PA used on this pedal)

– Die-cast Aluminium Enclosure (professionally spray painted)

– High quality- heavy duty 3PDT true bypass stomp switch

– Cool retro look decal (using waterslide decal paper)

– Will run on 12vDC power supply you can find at any electric/hardware store – not included on this sale




Valve Creamer Batik Limited Edition

Feedbacks & comments from Valve Creamer buyers:

All good, great pedal! will buy from again, J.D – Victoria, Australia

well he’s done it again..another great pedal .. definately recommend his stuff, R.P – NSW, Australia

pedal arrived,it is very good,thanks —- KS Aji ——–.., D.W – Victoria, Australia

Mas, thanks bgt y…sy suka bagt ma karakter effectnya, pas bgt bwt solo sy mas…, F.A- Bandung, Indonesia

prompt effecient. easy. great craftsman and musician, J.P – NSW, Australia

Sangar ni VC, zoom G 9.2 sampe ga dipake fitur preampnya, cuma diambil eq sama delay. Serius mas, gak nyesel bayar lebih dari tubeking yang merah. Hasilnya poll…apalagi kalo pake amp tabung, lebih mantep…, T. A, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Just wanted to thank you for your service, the pedal arrived last week its just awesome, everything i wanted in an overdrive, lots of set ups, M.R.T.R,  El Salvador

Hi Aji, The pedals arrive yesterday – that was fast! I’ve only had a short time to plug them in and try them out but I can say that the delay pedal (Echologue) seems very impressive so far. The distortion (Valve Creamer) pedal sounds real nice but I need to spend more time with it to really understand what it can do…  M.M, Taipei

Aji! Thanks a lot I got the pedal and now going to buy the electric adapter for it, Thank’s for supporting the Uzbeks…When we tour and stuff I can see if I can send you a free t shirt of us, Thanks a lot again, A.B, Israel

Great ebayer. Fast shipping from the other side of the world an amazing product, J.D.G, Sarasota, FL, USA

Super fast shipping,great pedal.AAA+++, J.S , Perth, Australia

Price US $ 225,00

for more inquiries & info: or +62-8163655477

K.S. Aji Tone Workshop


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