GORGA distortion

Gorga is the traditional art of carving and painting that is usually found on the facade (exterior) of Batak Toba traditional houses, There are several types of Gorga ornaments – each of those beautiful arts are symbols full of meanings and philosophy


IDR 870K

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GORGA distortion is a high gain British distortion pedals that emulate the sound of saturated tube amp distortion, it has crunchy trebles & just enough mids to cut thru the mix

It has 3 knobs and 1 selector switch, let’s begin with its knobs, first the biggest knob is the GAIN control. Next, the LEVEL knob to control the output volume, I would suggest you to balance between bypass (clean) and effect activated, then you can set other control knob as you desire and the last knob is the TONE knob to control the bright/dark of the overall distortion tone.

GORGA distortion requires 9V DC negative center power adapter and cannot be operated using battery

Features & Technical specifications:

– Full analog circuitry with 3 selections of clipping diodes that simulate the harmonic distortion of saturated tube amp
– Input impedance 500 K Ohms
– Output impedance 100 Ohms
– Working current 100 mA (max)



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