KAYON reverb

Kayon is another term of  Gunungan in Javanese wayang pupettry arts, Kayon is an image of a mountain and its contents. It contains high philosophical doctrine, ie the doctrine of wisdom. All it implies that play in a puppet contains highly valuable lesson. This means that the puppet show also includes a puppet show also contains the teachings of philosophy is high.

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KAYON reverb is a digital reverbIMG_0549 pedal, It’s a very compact pedal with 3 reverb modes

It has 3 control knobs, the biggest knob is the WET control, it adjusts the reverb decay amount, second is the MIX knob it controls the mixing ratio of dry and wet signal, the third knob is TONE, this knob is self explanatory, to adjust the darkness or brightness of the reverb tonality.

This reverb pedal has 3 modes; first (toggle up position) is the ROOM reverb with shorter decay, second (center position) is SPRING reverb, which emulates the sound of typical spring reverb tank on tube amps, and the third (toggle down position)  is the MODULATED reverb, if you want to experience a different reverb sound for your new experimental or alternative music, this is what you should try.

It requires 9V DC negative center power adapter and cannot be operated using battery


– True bypass
– DSP 32 bit floating point, sampling 44.1kHz – 24bit
– Input impedance 470 K Ohms
– Output impedance 100 Ohms
– Working current 100 mA



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